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Looking for expert opinions on the latest upgrades, functions, and best practices? See our tips page to learn more about garage door repair and maintenance, Scroll here for more!

  • Get a remote with protection from frequency interference

    To get this kind of protection, most devices use double or triple frequency technology. It gives the remote the best chances of finding a free frequency and using it to start the opener. Naturally, a device that can operate at three different frequencies is more dependable compared to one that can use two.

  • Perform regular visual inspection

    Our door professionals recommend performing visual inspection on a monthly basis. The garage door springs, cables, pulleys, rollers and other garage door parts should be inspected. However, do not attempt to adjust delicate parts such as the springs and cables for these are under high tension.

  • Get modern openers

    Modern openers are awesome. First of all, you have plenty of options in terms of models, horsepower and accessories. They come with super great rolling code remotes! They have many excellent features and you can add as many accessories at any time. Security and safety are guaranteed.

  • Install extension springs safety cables

    Extension garage door springs safety cables will save you from accidents. They actually go through the springs and, this way, they won't let springs fly away if they break. Their installation is not hard but you can always ask Garage Door Repair Chaska for help.

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