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Take a good look at our FAQ page if you need more help with your garage door concerns. Have a search through and find the answers you need. Scroll here!

  • We have a basketball ring on the driveway. Will an aluminum door resist dents?

    Aluminum garage doors are one of the sturdiest doors on the market. In the past, they were made of thin materials but new technology has changed that. Aluminum doors are now made of heavy-duty materials and the panels are laminated, so they do not dent easily. However, they are quite costly.

  • Why do I need to subject my door for a checkup and maintenance?

    This is to avoid further damage to parts and the door itself, if any. Springs and hinges may need to be oiled every once in a while to ensure their smooth functionality. Periodic checkups will also determine if there are any parts that are no longer working properly and if they need to be fixed or replaced.

  • How long should I expect my garage door spring to last?

    The most common garage door torsion spring can last up to 10,000 cycles. One cycle means one complete opening and closing of the door. It is important to always conduct visual inspection on the garage door springs to monitor their condition.

  • What is a chain drive?

    Your garage door opener operates using either one of the three opener drives namely; chain drive, belt-drive, and screw drive. As the name suggests, the chain drive uses a chain to open the garage door. This drive is the oldest drive and still remains very popular and of good value.

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