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Avoiding Serious Garage Door Maintenance Mistakes

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Avoiding Serious Garage Door Maintenance Mistakes

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As a good owner, you need to provide complete garage door maintenance on a regular basis. Most people put a considerable amount of effort in this task, but still do not get good results. Why does this happen? Usually, people do not achieve their goals simply because they make mistakes. Sometimes these are obvious, but in other cases, you need to dig deeper to identify them. Discover some very serious mistakes which you can make and learn how to avoid them.

Practices to Stay Away from

Procrastination is an extremely serious mistake which you must avoid at all costs. If you miss providing proper care when it is required, the risk of damage or another sort of issue becomes considerably higher. In order to avoid missing a session for any reason, you must create a precise schedule and setup reminders preferably on your phone. You need to provide full maintenance, which includes inspection, cleaning, special care twice a year, preferably in the early spring and early fall. Keep in mind that you have to run tests on the garage door opener and its safety sensors every three months. It is best to set precise dates in advance.

The use of inappropriate cleaning tools and materials is another major mistake which you must never make. Abrasive tools such as brushes with thicker bristles can cause deep scratches to the paint and the garage door panels and increase the risk of rust. The cleaners which contain acidic chemicals cause corrosion directly. You must use only the tools and materials recommended by the manufacturer of the door. Use more intensive rubbing and soaking for stubborn dirt accumulations. Generally, such accumulations should not get formed if you provide frequent cleaning.

It is a huge mistake not to take appropriate safety measures. The modern overhead doors are complex systems and should be handled with extra care. Remember to disconnect the opener from its power source before beginning the work. In addition, refrain from touching the different system components directly. You should use appropriate tools and gloves, if necessary.

Perhaps the biggest mistake one can make is to ignore problems you have identified. If you have noticed a minor crack on one of the photo eyes during garage door opener sensors maintenance, for instance, you must have the unit fixed or replaced right away. You must never make compromises, especially when it comes to the safety of the people using the garage. With effective care, any door system will work flawlessly.


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